Roommates, a video is going viral of a man who appears to be attempting to abduct a young woman on the train. The whole situation is bizarre and the internet not only found the alleged suspect, but it also looks like street justice was SERVED!

We don’t have much detail on the events that led up to the alleged failed abduction, so here’s what we know! In the viral video below, you can clearly see a man wearing all red tap the young girl’s foot to get her attention, as he leans in to try to speak to her, he sets his cup down and out of nowhere grabs the young lady and tries to carry her off of the train.

In the video you can hear the young woman cry out for help and walk right back into the train where she was previously sitting. She immediately wakes up the man that she was with to get his attention as the man in all red sits at the train stop and waits for… who knows what. See the video below:

The whole thing is scary to watch! Naturally, when the internet gets a hold of a video like this, it took just a few hours for the man shown to get that NYC treatment! Apparently, some local caught wind of what allegedly went down and sprung right into action. Now, we don’t condone violence. Let’s make that very clear. However, I can’t say the same for the men in this video. 

Shortly after that, it looks like the man that was beaten up was also photographed in the hospital in handcuffs. Click here for that photo.  Obviously, New Yorkers and more specific Bronx inhabitants DO NOT PLAY. We’ll definitely be sure to keep you up to date on what happens next Roommates!