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A$AP Rocky Speaks on Wanting Kids And Past Relationships With Vogue UK

Highly profiled through his fashion sensibility and his music, 27-year-old A$AP Rocky is definitely a man that is hard to not notice. Well Vogue U.K decided to sit down with  ASAP in their January 2016 issue (which is available on stands on Jan. 7) to cover all things Rocky which include dating and future goals.

 A$AP Rocky and the A$AP MOB are gearing up for performances in 2016 left and right, and it was even announced this week the lineup for Coachella 2016 festival and guess whos going to be there? Yep! A$AP Rocky himself! While we patiently wait and start buying tickets, ladies, you might want to keep that humbleness alive and steady keep it down-to-earth, because A$AP has told Vogue that he wants children one day and a normal bae by his side!

 “From experience, I bob along better with normal women, A$AP told Vogue U.K. I want children, I just didn’t impregnate anybody yet. But I definitely want a daughter because she is going to be the flyest, jiggiest young lady on this planet.

Iman pretty much fits this description, minus the fact that shes in the high-fashion industry, but once their relationship ended in 2014, A$AP explains in an interview with VIBE back in 2015 that it wasnt her it was him who had to let it go. He felt that they had two separate lives and didnt want to ruin her career in the long-run because of his certain ways! I got really depressed because I knew thatshe deserves better than me, he said. Thats the truth and everybody knows it. And I dont wanna be the guy to Lauryn Hill her, if you know what Im saying. I love her so much so that I would rather [fall back] than to be with her and hurt her.

 Little do you know they are not on bad terms at all! A$AP makes it known to Vogue U.K that they are still best friends. Even enough to explain how she was that perfect woman in his life when they were dating. “She cooked and cleaned,” talking of Iman. “Most models don’t. Most are like sorority girls – they work all day, so at night they can’t wait to get out…”

 The Bronx rapper then chatted  on about other supermodels who are good friends of his and are really hot to him! He calls Cara Delevingne  “cute but…”Caras a homie.

He also brought up Jourdan Dunn who became a mother at 18 (who knew with that flawless body!), he began complimenting her figure and even called her sexy and hot! What I like about Jourdan is she’s had a baby and she’s still killing shit, said A$AP. I respect that. I saw her soon after she had the baby and trust me, the weight comes in all the right places…”

A$AP has been around the block we see because he has previously dated Rita Ora and Iggy Azalea too, but they want the spotlight and thats not who or what hes drawn to when it comes to females! “They don’t dress themselves, they don’t think for themselves, they didn’t find themselves – that’s why they became an entertainer, A$AP said.

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