Adidas Is Suing Marc Jacobs For Stealing Its Signature Stripes!!

Adidas Is Suing Marc Jacobs For Stealing Its Signature Stripes!!

You know what they say three strikes and you’re out, well for Marc Jacobs it was three stripes!

According to Complex, Adidas has launched a civil suit against the luxury brand for stealing it’s three striped signature in its latest release of a sweater collection.

The lawsuit states, 

Marc Jacobs’ use of confusingly similar imitations of Adidas’ Three-Stripe Mark is likely to deceive, confuse, and mislead purchasers and prospective purchasers into believing that the apparel sold by Marc Jacobs is manufactured by, authorized by, or in some manner associated with adidas, which it is not. The likelihood of confusion, mistake, and deception engendered by Marc Jacobs’s infringement and dilution of Adidas’ mark is causing irreparable harm to the goodwill symbolized by the Three-Stripe Mark and the reputation for quality that it embodies.

It also states that because of the worldwide promotion used, Adidas three-striped mark is easily recognized.  

Adidas wants to stop the production and selling of the sweaters as well as seek monetary or statutory damages. Marc Jacobs has yet to respond to the suit. Take a look below do you think Adidas has a case? Let’s chat !


Sources Sited : Complex

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