Adrienne Houghton Describes Helping Surrogate Deliver Her Newborn Son

Adrienne Houghton Describes Helping Surrogate Deliver Her Newborn Son, “I Got A Chance To Pull Him Out”

Adrienne Houghton shared intimate details about the birth of her son, Ever, revealing for the first time that she helped deliver him. Adrienne and her husband, Israel Houghton, shared with ET about their new life as parents to the newborn, whom they announce welcoming via surrogate last month.

Adrienne Bailon Houghton Help Deliver Her Surrogate Baby

Ever is Adrienne’s first baby while Israel has four children from a previous relationship—his sons Jordan and Israel and daughters Mariah and Milan. The couple said the decision to use a surrogate to carry their son didn’t come easy.

The former The Real co-host previously underwent multiple rounds of IVF, but she Houghton told the outlet she wouldn’t change a thing.

“I know it sounds weird, but after everything I’ve been through, multiple miscarriages, I’ve done IVF eight times, so, I feel like to some extent, I owed it to myself to give myself that privacy, to give myself the right to have something sacred and something just for us, and our family,” Adrienne explains.

The new mom also shared how she was instrumental in bringing Ever into the world. Adrienne says she got the chance to hold Ever in her arms right after he was born and she helped deliver him during a home birth with their loved ones close.

“My sister filmed it, and when I watched it back, — it’s actually so cringy, because you have an out-of-body experience,” Adrienne says. “You’re not thinking about, ‘Oh, what do I look like?’ So, when I watched it back, I literally was just saying over and over again, ‘I love you so much, I love you so much, I love you so much.’ I actually got a chance to pull him out. We did skin-to-skin and right on me.”

How sweet! Hit play to hear more from Adrienne and Israel Houghton about their new life with baby boy, Ever.


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