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Adult Film Star Claims Lil Baby Paid Her $6,000 To Sleep With Her, Lil Baby Denies All Allegations

After having an extravagant birthday weekend surrounded by his loved ones, things took a sharp turn for Lil Baby Monday when an adult film star accused the rapper of paying to sleep with her and blew up his spot on Twitter.

Chile, what a domino effect it had because as soon as Ms. London, a Vegas-based porn star, started airing him out, Lil Baby, his boo Jayda Cheaves and his other baby mama Ayesha had some things to say.

First off, Ms. London claimed she was drunk and got a lil’ sloppy in regard to spilling tea about their bedroom rendezvous. 

She revealed she had sex with a rapper who paid her a couple of bands and did all but name Lil Baby.

“Ok I’m home, 6K richer & full of 1942,” Ms. London tweeted. “Not dropping no names, but Jayda not leaving this man ever,” she said in reference to Lil Baby’s girlfriend and the mother of his youngest child, Jayda Cheaves.

She even alleged that Lil Baby let her record them but those receipts were ones she likely wasn’t going to leak on the Internet.

She did however share an alleged message exchange between her and Baby that made it appear like he was upset with her for spilling the tea.

“What’s the point of paying if you do all that!! You f***in the game up!! If I pay for p***y youn supposed to speak on it,” One of the alleged messages from Baby read. “That’s bad business mama.”

It wasn’t long before Lil Baby took to Twitter to start defending his good name. 

Keep in mind, this is not the first time he’s been accused of stepping out on Jayda, hence a previous breakup and a whole lot of drama in the past. People are known to criticize Jayda for staying with someone who has cheated on her but she rarely engages with those who try to troll her.

Jayda’s supposed response to all this was just a tweet of emojis implying that she was sick.

Then the mother of Lil Baby’s eldest son decided to add her two cents to the drama, speaking on the allegations.

Things sort of fizzled after Lil Baby claimed Jayda was his alibi for the weekend.

We’ll keep you posted as this develops.



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