Airbnb Cracks Down With New Rules—All “Open Invite” Parties Banned Permanently

Airbnb Cracks Down With New Rules—All “Open Invite” Parties Banned Permanently

#Roommates, before you book your next Airbnb you might want to be aware of the new rules. As many of you remember, following the horrific shooting in Orinda, California on Halloween night that left five people dead at an Airbnb property, the company put immediate plans in action to change how things operate. Now, a set of new rules have just been announced—and you may want to pay attention before your next “open invite” event.

As many expected, Airbnb is severely cracking down on throwing parties at any of its listed properties—but the company’s recently announced new rules are likely to disappoint more than a few. @USAToday reports, Airbnb is permanently banning all “open invite” parties at all of its accommodations, however boutique hotels and professional event venues will be exempt from the new rule. The ban also includes banning large parties at apartment buildings and condos.

Airbnb also says it’s currently in the process of identifying any global listings globally that may be violating the party house ban, including properties in Los Angeles, Miami Beach, London and Montreal. The company is instructing its hosts to update their listings to comply with the new “open invite” ban.

Those are not the only changes though. Airbnb is also issuing new guest behavior rules that will take effect in early 2020. These rules include guests only getting one warning for one instance of excessive noise, unauthorized guests, unauthorized parking, unauthorized smoking or excessive messiness reported by a host or a neighbor. Any further violations will result in account suspension or removal.

In a statement regarding the new guidelines, Airbnb said this:

“This policy does not impact parties that are authorized by hosts and convened respectfully by guests. Instead, our goal with this new policy is to address the small number of guests who act irresponsibly and those rare hosts whose homes become persistent neighborhood nuisances.”

In addition to everything else, the company is establishing a dedicated hotline for mayors and city officials who have questions about its policies.


Roommates, what are your thoughts on this?


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