Family Sues Airbnb After Toddler Dies From Fentanyl Exposure

Family Sues Airbnb And Rental Owner After Toddler Dies From Fentanyl Exposure

A Florida vacation quickly became a nightmare for a family from Guadeloupe when their toddler died from apparent fentanyl exposure. The incident occurred in Wellington in August 2021, but officials haven’t filed criminal charges. Instead, the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office closed the case pending leads and listed Enora’s death as accidental.

Now, the family is suing Airbnb, the rental property owner, the rental’s manager, and a previous renter who hosted a party before their stay, per The Washington Post. The suit argues that party guests left fentanyl in the four-bedroom, two-bath lake house, and the rental was not cleaned.

However, investigators claim there were no traces of fentanyl anywhere else in the rental property. Investigators also didn’t find the synthetic drug in the family’s belongings or lab results from Enora’s parents, Lydie and Boris Lavenir.

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The previous renter of the home, who booked through Vrbo instead of Airbnb, admitted to hosting a party about two weeks before Enora’s family arrived. Neighbors recalled the party while speaking with investigators, per WP. The renter said there was cocaine at the gathering, on the kitchen counter in particular, but denied the use or presence of fentanyl.

“I am currently unable to determine how the child Enora Lavenir ingested the fentanyl,” an investigator report said, per WP. “Therefore, I am unable to develop probable cause for abuse or neglect leading to the death of Enora. Currently, the manner of death is listed as accidental.”

Before closing the case, investigators reviewed Enora’s medical history and checked for signs of abuse, such as bruising. They tested her bottle for fentanyl, but the results came back negative. They also retraced the family’s steps, from arriving at Miami International Airport to being in the lake house the next day.

Reactions To The Fentanyl Lawsuit From Airbnb, Rental Property Owner And Previous Renter

The child’s mother, Lydie, found Enora dead after she napped longer than two hours–an unusual move for her energetic child. When Lydie discovered the 19-month-old, her face was blue with white foam leaking from her mouth.

The Palm Beach County medical examiner later determined Enora had a deadly amount of fentanyl in her system, per the autopsy report. An independent toxicology report also gave the same results.

According to Washington Post, Airbnb hasn’t reacted to the lawsuit in court. However, they provided a statement to The Post.

“Out hearts go out to the Lavenir family and their loved ones for their devastating loss,” the statement said.

The homeowner reportedly blamed the parents, Lydie and Boris, for the child’s death, citing carelessness. And the previous renter, who hosted the party, did the same. The renter added that he’s not liable for anything that occurred in the vacation property after his booking ended. Vrbo, the platform the renter booked with, has not given a public comment.

Still, Enora’s parents are certain she came in contact with fentanyl in the Airbnb rental. The family’s attorney, Thomas Scolaro, says the parents believe the party guests brought the drug into the lake house.

“The only thing we have here is our common sense. It was definitely in that unit, that Airbnb. Which particular person left the drugs is frankly not anything I’m trying got prove. What I want to show is Airbnb provided no cleanup, no warning, no measure of safety for the family.”


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