Akbar V Responds To The Residents Of Philly After They Call For To

Akbar V Responds To The Residents Of Philly After They Call For To Vacate & Says She Loves Alexis Skyy’s Daughter Following The Remarks She Made About Her

The residents of Philly don’t seem to like visitors coming to their city and bringing bad vibes. One, in particular, is Akbar V. Today, an eviction notice circulated online calling for the ‘Queen of Atlanta’ to vacate the city due to her actions over the weekend. The notice calls her out for “arguing over food, pretending to be from here, mocking religion with prayer hands, fighting and more.” We recently reported she got into an altercation with Alexis Skyy and Lira Galore after they left a nightclub. The women hashed it out about the incident on social media. Alexis and Lira decided to withdraw from the pettiness and leave the issue alone.

Unfortunately, Akbar didn’t get the memo. She chose to escalate the situation with her former friend beyond the point of repair by disrespecting her disabled daughter Alaiya Grace on Instagram live. Akbar said, “Your daughter is retarded because of you,” blaming Alexis for her daughter having Hydrocephalus, which is a brain condition. “Tell the truth! You had cocaine in your system. Tell the truth!” In another portion of the video, Akbar referred to Alexis’ daughter affectionately called Lay Lay  as “braindead.”

Akbar had time today and responded to the unhappy residents in the City of Brotherly Love and let them know she wasn’t going anywhere. She hopped on live to address the issue while sitting down in what appeared to be a restaurant. “Still in Philly, I ain’t got touched,” Akbar said. “I can’t be evicted. I paid my rent.” Akbar revealed that she is a new resident and has a spot in Philly and Atlanta. While reading comments from viewers on the live, she told them not to ask her any questions about the Alexis situation.

“I love Lay Lay. Let’s stop talking about that. I got nothing but love for Lay Lay,” Akbar said. The rapper continued saying that Lay Lay is an innocent baby, don’t bring her up, please.


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Roommates, do you think Akbar should be forgiven for the comments she made about Alexis Skyy’s child?


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