Akon Got A $7.5K Hair Transplant In Turkey To Achieve His New Hairline!

Akon Got A $7.5K Hair Transplant In Turkey To Achieve His New Hairline!

Akon recently popped out with a new look that has the inannet talking! After fans pointed out that the rapper and entrepreneur’s hairline was looking Steve Harvey sharp, he admitted to recently undergoing a hair transplant overseas.

While sitting down with Bootleg Kev, Akon detailed his experience with paying $7,500 for a hair transplant in Turkey.

I went to Turkey and got a procedure. ‘Cause don’t forget in the beginning, my whole front was loose. It was real thin.”


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He went on to explain that the procedure was not painful, and even joked about advising Tory Lanez to go to the same doctor.

The painful part is the beginning when they gotta numb you up. That numbing ain’t no joke. They stick a needle like this big and just [poke] you non-stop…I told the n*gga, I said ‘Tory you shoulda came to my man.'”

According to Akon, a standard hair transplant procedure in the US could run you nearly $50,000, which is why he opted to get it done in the Western Asian country,

It’s so affordable it’s ridiculous. For what I did, it would’ve cost me 50 grand in America. I paid what, $7,500. Here they over charging, anything related to healthcare or any kind of medical procedure, America is, I mean they tag on ten times. Man, I work hard for this money, I don’t care.”


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