Al Sharpton's Eldest Daughter Is Suing NYC For $5 Million After She Takes A Tumble On An Uneven Pavement!

Al Sharpton’s Eldest Daughter Is Suing NYC For $5 Million After She Takes A Tumble On An Uneven Pavement!

Looks like the Sharptons are on the other side of the law as Al Sharpton’s oldest daughter, 29-year-old, Dominique Sharpton, claims to be a victim to NYC’s uneven sidewalks. Now she wants $5 million for falling and spraining her ankle!

According to the NY Post, on October 2nd, Dominique fell while crossing the street on the corner of Broome and Broadway musical, where she says she was, “severely injured, bruised, and wounded.” According to the lawsuit, she claims that she is still suffering and will continue to suffer physical pain and bodily injuries, for some time.  Even though the $5 million seems to be a large amount, her lawyer, John Elefterakis said, “she had no involvement in selecting a figure that would be fair and adequate compensation for her pain and suffering” instead he says it was selected by the firm and is meant to serve as a safeguard in a worst-case scenario.

Right after her fall she posted via Instagram saying, “I sprained my ankle real bad lol.” Funny thing is, since then she has been spotted participating in the Walk for Justice in Washington, D.C., as well as on a ladder hanging Christmas decorations and even at an NYE celebration in Miami wearing heels despite her permanent physical pain claim, in heel. These pictures started surfacing just two months after her fall. 

She even posted this picture of herself today hiking up a mountain:


Dominique’s incident isn’t the first New York City has seen, and possibly not the last if they neglect to properly treat the pavement. Her payout is reported to be one of 885 over the course of 22 months for defective sidewalks.


Her father, Al Sharpton tells reporters he didn’t know the status of her legal claim. All he knows is she’s grown, and she has a lawyer. Where she goes from here, he has not a clue.


A clue might be a good thing to have seeing as how he reportedly owes $4.5 million in unpaid taxes! Let’s chat below!



Source: NY Post,

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