Alabama Governor Passes Bill To Ban Diversity (DEI) Programs

Alabama Governor Signs Bill To Ban Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion Programs In The State

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey has signed a bill to ban diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programs.

According to the Associated Press, this legislation would exclude the programs from public schools, institutions of higher learning, and state agencies.

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More Details On Alabama’s New Bill On DEI Programs

This bill, signed on Wednesday, will go into effect on Oct. 1. It would ban the teaching of “diversity concepts.” This is to reportedly prevent individuals from feeling “guilty” about their race or gender.

“My administration has and will continue to value Alabama’s rich diversity, however, I refuse to allow a few bad actors on college campuses – or wherever else for that matter – to go under the acronym of DEI, using taxpayer funds, to push their liberal political movement counter to what he majority of Alambamians believe,” Governor Ivey stated. 

The Alabama legislation would prevent grades K-12, universities, and state agencies from sponsoring DEI programs. The bill defines this as training, programs, classes, and events where attendance is based on specific factors. This includes race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

Furthermore, the legislation states that public schools, universities, and state agencies can’t order students or staff outside contractors to attend any training that discusses “divisive concepts.”

One banned concept is requiring individuals to “accept, acknowledge, affirm or assent to a sense of guilt, complicity, or a need to apologize on the basis of his other race, color, religion, sex, ethnicity, or national origin.” 

Additionally, the bill also slams concepts that “fault, blame, or [assert] bias” to people “based on race, religion, gender or national origin.”

The Point Of View Of The Bill’s Opponents

Gov. Ivey’s ban isn’t unique to Alabama. Republican lawmakers around that nation are also aiming to expel DEI programs from colleges and universities. They argue that it promotes racial and gender division while pushing a certain political agenda.

However, others believe that eliminating these programs is a regression from advancements made and denies help to underrepresented students.

Anthony Daniels, Alabama House Minority Leader, stated:

This regressive measure undermines the strides we’ve made in cultivating an inclusive society in Alabama by stifling essential discussion and programs that are key to improving our state.”

He added that it severely “impacts the educational experience of college students by removing programs in which they can receive support, build communities, and learn how to be prosperous and inclusive citizens.” 

A House committee in the Twin State has also advanced a bill that joins countless others nationwide. Critics have labeled these efforts the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ legislation.

The measure in Alabama would prevent teachers from leading discussions in public schools about gender identity and sexual orientation. Furthermore, the bill would prevent Pride flags from being hung in classrooms.

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Associated Press reporter Kim Chandler contributed to this report.


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