Alexis Skyy Opens Up & Reflects On Her 'Spiritual Journey'

Alexis Skyy Opens Up & Reflects On Her ‘Spiritual Journey’: ‘It Hasn’t Been Easy’

Alexis Skyy started off her week by sharing some inspirational messages that relate to her relationship with God.

She Began By Thanking God For Another Day

On Monday, Skyy uploaded an Instagram video that consisted of her sharing a brief message with her followers.

She warmly started off by thanking God for another week. No “I hate Mondays energy” ’round here!

“Hey guys, Happy Monday. I wanna thank God for another week, another day.”

She proceeded to note that she’s “been on a spiritual journey” for some time now. As a result, Alexis has “been getting closer to God,” and she even proclaimed that she’s “fully” committed her life to Him.

“For those that’s have been following me, I have been on a spiritual journey. I have been getting closer to God, and I have committed my life fully to Him.”

Alexis Skyy Says Her Journey ‘Hasn’t Been Easy’: ‘I’m So Used To Living A Certain Way’

As Alexis Skyy continued, she happily pointed out that her decision to commit herself to God has been “the best thing ever.”

However, she was sure to note that her spiritual journey has presented some difficulties, too. Specifically, Alexis coyly said that she’s “so used to living a certain way” and bringing in a certain amount of money. However, she’s ultimately come to realize that “everything was coming so easy” for her because she was “doing everything the wrong way.

“It hasn’t been easy. Every day, it gets harder and harder for me because I’m so used to living a certain lifestyle. I’m so used to living a certain way, I’m so used to making this amount of money. But that’s because I was doing everything the wrong way, and that’s why everything was coming so easy for me.”

In spite of these challenges, though, Skyy says, “It’s okay because God is testing my faith.” We love an optimistic queen who keeps the positivity rollin’!

“Now, things are just becoming a little bit harder, but it’s okay because God is testing my faith.”

Towards the end of the upload, she offered up an example of how her spiritual optimism helped her push through discouragement. Specifically, her telling herself that she was “gonna keep going” and that “this is what God wants you to do” helped keep her driven.

“I got discouraged the other day, and I had to stop and be like, ‘Alexis, no. You’re not gonna give up. You’re gonna keep going. This is what God wants you to do.'”

You can check out her post down below.

Shoutout to Alexis Skyy for opening up and gettin’ real about her spiritual journey. We wish her well as she continues to focus on her relationship with God.


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