Alexis Skyy's Ex Boo, Raja, Makes Abortion Claims-Alexis Responds & Denies Ever Getting Pregnant By Him, "I Never Got Pregnant One Time Weak D**k - The Shade Room

Alexis Skyy’s Ex Boo, Raja, Makes Abortion Claims–Alexis Responds & Denies Ever Getting Pregnant By Him, “I Never Got Pregnant One Time Weak D**k

Apparently it was Messy Wednesdays ’cause while Jayda was tweeting about Lil Baby’s alleged cheating scandal, Alexis Skyy was on Instagram seemingly trading subliminals with her now ex boo, Raja.

While it was reported they were no longer together, it looks like they ain’t really checking for one another, at all. Raja took to Instagram to brag about buying expensive purses and what not, and ol’ girl just wasn’t here for it.

Alexis wrote, “Keep settling for them bags & shoes.” She also stated, “N***as about to be cheating like a mf.”

Once people thought these posts were subliminal messages towards Jayda and Lil Baby, she quickly cleared the air and stated she was talking ’bout her own issue.

She stated, “Let me make something very clear..I’m not speaking on no one situation leave me tf out that s**t I’m speaking on my past situation I was laughing at this n***a keep buying them bags and whatever b***h is willing to settle for that after I done nvm goodnight.”

Meanwhile, Raja was on his IG story making quite a few claims. He wrote, “I hate a delusional b***h. He added, I will never beef with the help!” He then made a statement about someone having multiple abortions, “3 abortions but you scared to hold my gun in ur purse? B***h you the killa!”

Alexis replied and in part said, “Where was your gun at when you got robbed 5 times…” She then went on to say, “I’ll tell you what,” she continued, “Abortion where I never got pregnant one time weak d**k.”

Raja ultimately said he was blocking people to protect his energy, “I block everybody. LMAO. Y’all not about to f**k with my energy.”

Chile, they wildin’!


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