Dancers from the world renowned #AlvinAiley Dance Theater are protesting for higher wages! 

They believe that they are being paid up to 35% less than dancers at other major companies, and according to @PageSix, they’ve been in contract negotiations since December. 

The dancers’ current contract is expiring this month. “There is no reason we should not be treated as well as our peers!” stated Ailey veteran, #AkuaNoniParker.

A rep for Alvin Ailey said, “We remain committed to reaching an agreement that is both fair and sustainable.”

So far, the dancers have boycotted a gala at the Kennedy Center, and plan to boycott the annual Spirit Gala on June 14 at Lincoln Center.

As of Friday, a deal had not been reached! We will keep you guys updated. 

TSR STAFF: Talia O. @theclosetratchet on IG