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AMC Is Now Renting Out Theaters For $99

As several industries are struggling to come back from the effects of coronavirus-related shutdowns, AMC is trying to bring people back to the theater in a baller way. While some people might call it desperation, this may be a saving grace for families who have been dying for a night out.

AMC is now renting out its theaters for prices starting at $99, according to the Wall Street Journal. AMC Theaters has come up with a solution that can hopefully help everybody win, keeping them solvent while giving families a place to have a night out.

In what would normally be a lucrative movie season, theater chains are having a nightmare of a year as blockbuster movies continue to be pushed into next year, while other films are going straight to streaming.

AMC locations all over the country are honoring this deal, which is good for up to 20 people.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the economics of renting out a theater for a flat price actually works out.

The average price of a U.S. movie ticket was $9.11 last year, making the flat fee the equivalent of filling 11 seats for an older film or at least 16 seats for a new release.

For a couple with two small children out on a date night, seeing a movie could run them about $76 pre-pandemic including tickets and hiring a babysitter. Letting the children roam the aisles without worrying about the kids annoying other viewers is actually a good alternative, and sharing the venue with extended family or trusted friends would even make it a bargain, to the Wall Street Journal’s point.

AMC and other theater chains have experienced some hardships in the past few months, so time will tell if this can turn things around. We’ll keep you posted.

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