Last week, Boosie took to social media to go off on American Airlines after he accused an employee of the airline of being a racist and not letting him and his children on their flight.

Since then, the airline has conducted an investigation and they are now responding to his claims.

According to USA Today, Ross Feinstein, a spokesman for the airline said, American Airlines “immediately began an investigation into his travel experience,” which included reviewing airport video footage. The airline also confirmed a timeline of his travel through his reservation and CCTV video.

Feinstein continued, “Mr. Hatch’s inbound flight from Jackson, Miss., to Charlotte, N.C., this past Saturday was delayed, and he arrived at the gate for his connecting flight to Grand Rapids, Mich., after the airplane door had been closed.”

Reportedly, according to the airline’s records, Boosie went to his connecting flight at 2:32pm, he arrived at his new gate at 2:36pm, but unfortunately, the gate was closed. The flight was scheduled to leave at 2:44pm and it is a protocol that passengers are at the gate no later than 10 minutes before the flight’s departure. That flight in particular reportedly left a few minutes early at 2:41pm.

“We immediately rebooked Mr. Hatch and his family for a later flight, which is our standard procedure for missed connections,” said Feinstein.

If you missed Boosie’s original post where he went off on the airline, check it out below:

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