American Restaurants Face Ketchup Packet Shortage Amid Pandemic

American Restaurants Face Ketchup Packet Shortage Amid Pandemic

#Roomies, you may have to start going in that drawer full of condiments, if you want some ketchup.

Folks have been ordering in so much that there is a shortage of ketchup packets, across the country.

According to @cnn, restaurants are having a hard time keeping condiments, specifically ketchup packets, in stock. This is reportedly because people are ordering in more due to the pandemic.

@cnn also reports that Heinz—the largest ketchup producer in the country— is in the middle of the chaos.

The company is working to add “manufacturing lines that will increase production by about 25% for a total of more than 12 billion packets a year.”

“We made strategic manufacturing investments at the start of the pandemic to keep up with the surge in demand for ketchup packets driven by the accelerated delivery and take-out trends; at the same time, we also fast-tracked future-focused culinary and packaging innovations, as well as further manufacturing expansion plans,” said Steve Cornell, president of Kraft Heinz’s enhancers, specialty and away from home business unit,” CNN reports.

According to Wall Street Journal, some people are actually selling their online ketchup packets amid the pandemic. “An Indianapolis woman who sold off 20 packets for $8 dollars (reasonable!) and a man from Illinois that tried selling single packets off for $4 each (???). According to the Journal, the latter’s listing read: ‘There’s a shortage. Don’t try to lowball me, I know what I’ve got,'” Gizmodo reports.

If it’s one thing for sure, we all know someone with an unlimited supply of ketchup stored somewhere.

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