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“And I Oop” Ranks As Giphy’s Top GIF Of 2019 With Over 490 Million Views

#Roommates, as 2019 officially comes to an end it means that multiple outlets are releasing their top-of-the-year lists. From music, movies, fashion, tv and your favorite couples, there is a ranking for practically everything—and that also includes the most popular GIFs of the year. 2019 was dominated by one GIF that user’s simply couldn’t get enough of…does “And I Oop” ring a bell?

The best thing about GIFs is that you can say so much or so little by simply adding it as a thought or a response—although they are best used when a little bit of shade is involved. @GIPHY has officially released its list of the top GIFs of the year and we all have former “RuPaul’s Drag Race” contestant Jasmine Masters to thank for the number one spot. Her incredibly popular GIF “And I Oop” was viewed over 490 million times in 2019 alone.

To give you a bit of history behind the GIF that’s become a pop culture phenomenon, here it goes. It originated when Jasmine uploaded a video to YouTube where she was talking about people who can’t handle their liquor. At one point during the discussion, Jasmine accidentally hit her groin area, and thus, the “And I Oop” meme was born.

Giphy was so happy with the success of “And I Oop” this year, that the company even sent Jasmine a special plaque for her honor and also a framed version of her GIF that will likely still be just as popular next year as it was this year.

Congrats Jasmine!


Roommates, what are your thoughts on this?


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