And The Beef Between Iggy Azalea & Snoop Dogg Continues!

And The Beef Between Iggy Azalea & Snoop Dogg Continues!


The beef between Snoop Dogg and Rapper Iggy Azalea began when Snoop posted a meme about Iggy on Instagram (below). While everyone thought the meme was hilarious there was one person who thought it was offensive…Iggy of course.

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 3.09.04 PM


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Well, Iggy responded to Snoop’s post (above) and that’s when things really got messy. Snoop then started throwing darts at Iggy Azalea left and right y’all! (Below)







If you thought Iggy Azalea would be silent then you have got it all wrong! Iggy Azalea of course responded to him on Twitter!



iggyazalea3                                                    It’s a shame they are going at each other like this..but we have to ask…who do y’all think won this battle?



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