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TSR Exclusive: Andrew Caldwell Has Been Delivert! Retracts Statement On Hooking Up With Kordell Stewart


 Most of you maybe familiar with Andrew Caldwell, the “I am delivert” video phenomenon that went viral after admitting that he’s not “gay no more” once he caught the holy ghost in a church congregation.

Well, Caldwell is still claiming that he’s a heterosexual, but his past hasn’t changed as Caldwell admitted the other day that he used to mess with NFL quarterback, Kordell Stewart. Only problem was Stewart fought those claims and told TMZ Sports that he didnt even know Caldwell! Huh?


During a radio interview on October 1 with ‘Boss.fm’ on “The Shake Up” based in Atlanta, Ga., Andrew Caldwell was the guest of the day and he spoke out about his viral “delivert” video, his new sexuality as a heterosexual and his past associations with NFL players including Kordell Stewart.


Real House Wives of Atlanta reality star, Porsha Williams’ was a former wife to Stewart before they divorced in 2013, and even back then rumors were spreading that he maybe on the down low, but no evidence came about to speak on the truth of it all until Caldwell’s claims.


Caldwell said he still has enough money from NFL football players to sustain his living situation, and when asked who he dated, Stewart came to mind and many more football players (that he did not mention) from the NFL team the “Rams.”


“It was only a one time thing,” Caldwell said on the radio show. “We was at a bar. We was at a restaurant and I was like ‘Omg, that’s Kordell.’” Once he found out he was a football player he said to his friends, “Mmm…I like football players.” And the rest is history!


Caldwell even said he was treated the same as ex-wife Porsha Williams’ when he she was married to Kordell Stewart. He claimed that he was getting purses, money and cars form these football players including from Stewart.


After Caldwell’s juicy interview,  Kordell Stewart spoke out and said Caldwell is “delusional” and he didn’t even know he existed. “I don’t know the guy. I’ve never heard of him,” Stewart told TMZ Sports. “There’s no room in my personality for that lifestyle. It’s not what I believe in. I’m a heterosexual man.”
Caldwell was putting on a really good show for the interviewer, because he added “I’m going to tell miss Porsha…when you said online or when you said on tv that you thought he was gay and you had questions, girl you knew dog on well he was gay, Caldwell said. “You can feel something.”

Now days later, Caldwell retracted his statement about Kordell Stewart and said he didn’t know him and made it up. Hmmm (side eye) Word on the street is he was encouraged by a TV network to create a story for a possible show he was working on. What a waste of a whole gallon of tea  just for him to be making it up! 

We’ve got the apology straight from the source!

Listen to his Apology below:

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Delivered? Gay Internet Star Alleges Affair With Kordell Stewart In Shocking Video!

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Caldwell confesses to the radio station rumors that were brought



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