#TSRPolitics: FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is chucking the deuces after just 8 months in office. Y’all may remember McCabe became Trump’s acting director of the FBI after he fired James Comey back in May, but now he wants out.

According to the Associated Press, McCabe was eligible to retire in March but we guess two months was too long to wait. Sources say he’s been under pressure from Trump to quit reportedly due to ongoing tensions between the White House and the FBI over the Russia investigation.

Donnie, who has publicly criticized McCabe in past months, reportedly found out about the departure this morning and refused to answer a reporter’s question about it at the White House.

McCabe has yet to publicly share the exact reason for his departure. He will remain on the FBI’s payroll until March but will leave his position immediately.

TSR STAFF: Myeisha E. @myeisha.essex

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