Anthony Hamilton Pens Open Letter: "We are fed up. We are tired."

Anthony Hamilton Pens Open Letter: “We are fed up. We are tired.”

Anthony Hamilton offers his take on injustice and we must say, he really hit the nail on the head! His response is most definitely one of our favorites so far. He addresses being a father of six black males, police brutality, the black community and what he thinks the solution to the madness is.

This comes after he cleared up a misunderstanding after a flyer stated that he and Fantasia were having an “All Lives Matter” concert–he says he had nothing to do with that flyer and did not sign off on it.

“I am a father of six black males: three young men ages 19 to 27 and three young sons under age 6,” he begins. “My sons deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. When we speak out against blatant injustices, trolls rise from the shadows and accuse us of being anti-police. My brother has served in law enforcement for more than 25 years. He has made detective and still has a great name in his field and in the community. The pathway to change involves good cops speaking out against crooked cops. We are fed up. We are tired. No one should be executed in the middle of the street, especially with his or her hands up.
Some of the greatest leaders of our time promoted peaceful resistance. I would never deny the value of peace, but people feel that they are under attack and that nobody hears or respects their demonstrations. The unrest in Charlotte, N.C., after the police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott is a product of people simply being exhausted. They are sick and they are tired. Our communities lack hope, and their backs are against the wall. They are constantly reminded that white privilege is alive and well.
I accept people from all walks of life. If you label me a racist because I care about my friends and family, then you are part of the problem. Those who want to cripple us and get rid of our people are yet another generation of the Ku Klux Klan. We’re not going anywhere!
So what do we do? We have to reflect on these big corporations. Do they value us as producers and consumers? The biggest way to effect change is through spending power. If you don’t respect us, then we don’t respect you. Not all corporations are bad. Not all white people are bad. However, there is an ugly underground culture in this country full of those who feel that people of color are inferior.
If we stop empowering these big corporations who support the folk who want us gone, then we will show our power and cripple their pockets. I do not advocate hurting innocent people of any race or group. There is nothing cool about senseless violence. However, we can no longer ignore that liberty and justice never, ever applied to us all. America, the world is watching.”

His two cents went towards the bill! Are you here for it, #Roommates?!

Source: The Root

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