#Roommates, the last few months have been an emotional rollercoaster for currently employed NFL star Antonio Brown. These days he continues to make headlines for his behavior off the field, including repeated baby mama drama with Chelsie Kyriss, erratic posts on social media—and now beefing with disgraced YouTube star Logan Paul.

The whole ordeal initially started when Logan Paul previously said that he wanted to fight Antonio Brown in a boxing match, reportedly telling media outlets “Antonio Brown, I wanna f**k you up.” Paul’s reasoning for wanting to fight Antonio in the ring is because since he’s currently not playing in the NFL (and he loves the spotlight) it could be a huge event for fans.

Well now, Antonio has officially responded to being called out by Paul—and he had two simple words for his fight request, “square up.” He tweeted that to Paul, but many were surprised at what happened next.

Paul followed up Antonio’s tweet with one of his own, writing:

“I’d drop you faster than the patriots.”

Paul’s response is of course shade regarding Antonio being released from the Patriots shortly after they signed him back in early 2019.

According to reports, things have gotten so serious about the proposed boxing match, that an online betting site has released betting odds on who would win in the possible matchup—and shockingly, Paul is currently the overwhelming favorite.


Roommates, what are your thoughts on this?