Antonio Brown has been carrying on via social media for the past few months, and while doing so he has been embarrassing his baby mama Chelsie Kyriss in front of the whole world. However, on Sunday he issued a public apology to his children and Chelsie for all the embarrassment he has caused.

He said, “First and foremost, I will love to Thanks the most high “God” for allowing the “God” that’s in me to really look deep into myself, Mainly because greater the spirit that’s in us, than the spirit that of the world. And me being a “God” fearing man first, Truly understand That I owe my wonderful Kids and the mother @chelsie of my wonderful kids, The world Biggest Apology, for my public outbreaks through social media, and for the hurt that I may have taken them through while on my Emotional roller Coaster that we all are faced with in Life. #TheGreaterMe.”

As we previously reported, Antonio has taken to social media multiple times to bash Chelsie. From starting the hashtag #NoWhiteWomen2020 to live streaming his encounters with police as Chelsie tried to retrieve belongings from his home.

Last week, Antonio turned himself in to police and was later released on bond after they issued a warrant for his arrest after he allegedly attacked a moving company truck driver over a payment dispute for a scheduled delivery at his home.


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TSR STAFF: Jade Ashley @Jade_Ashley94