Antonio Brown has been making headlines non-stop, and he has been getting the side-eye from many people following some of his recent behavior. Now he’s sitting down to tell his side of everything that has been going down.

In an all-new interview with Hot 97’s “Ebro In The Morning,” Antonio talked about everything from his recent behavior, to the allegations that have come out against him, him getting back on the football field, and even his new music.

During the interview, he expressed that since he doesn’t have the game of football right now, he has a missing void that hasn’t allowed him to get out some of his problems the ways he’s used to. He said, “I’m sure you guys all go through something that you reacted or did something and you come to your senses. When I get emotional, it’s like being on the field man. You just react out of your emotion.”

As we previously mentioned, last year, Antonio was accused by his former trainer and also an artist he had hired of sexual assault. He has maintained his innocence, and claims that both women know each other, and teamed up against him once he reached a certain level of success.

In his downtime from the NFL, Antonio also announced that he was getting into music. He has been promoting his #NoWhiteWomen initiative through social media. However, during the interview, he revealed that it’s just all jokes, and acknowledges that he has love for white women and women of all nationalities.

Antonio also attempted a freestyle, but it was only an attempt.


Check out the full interview below:


TSR STAFF: Jade Ashley @Jade_Ashley94