Erica Walker, a white apartment manager in Memphis, was fired after calling the police on a black man, Kevin Yates, for wearing his socks in the pool on July 4th.
Kevin was at his girlfriend, Camry Porter’s apartment where the two were taking her godsons for a swim. He was apparently sitting on the edge of the pool with his feet in the water while watching the kids.
The manager reportedly approached them and asked Kevin to take his socks off because they weren’t “proper pool attire”.  They were apparently the only black people at the pool, and Kev’s girl says that there were white people wearing things other than swimsuits—such as hats or shirts in the pool.
“It’s not the issue with the socks,” Camry said. “If socks were not to be worn, that was very well fine. The issue was we were the only ones addressed.”
Following that incident, Erika Walker was reportedly fired. “Ms. Walker was terminated immediately after we completed our investigation,” a statement from Riverset Apartments said. “She will never be employed by Trilogy Residential Management, LLC or any of its properties in the future.”
We gon’ pray for some of y’all and these unnecessary cop calls…
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