Roommates, it has been less than 10 days since news that former #RHOA cast member and Phaedra Park’s ex-husband, Apollo Nida, is back in the clink!

According to federal Bureau of Prisons record, Apollo is reportedly back in police custody at Philadelphia FDC.

According to Blast, Apollo has been re-arrested just 9 days after being released from prison and placed in a half-way house in Philly. Now if you’re not familiar with half-way house living, there are a very strict set of rules that you must follow to stay eligible during your parole. However, ya boy Apollo didn’t get the memo about the severity of following those rules.

As of now it’s unclear what rules he reportedly violated but whatever the situation was, it was clearly enough to land him back behind bars. He could now remain in jail until his original release date which is October 15, 2019.