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Are White Artists Becoming The Face Of Black Music?

Adele season is officially here and soon she will be snatching wigs from everyone in the music industry.
The British star’s last album, 21, sold an astonishing 11 million plus copies in the U.S. alone. Now, she’s already begun to dominate with her single “Hello” being the first single to have over a million downloads in a week.
Hold up. Of course she is well deserving of her honors and accolades, but there is a question that looms for many. Why isn’t this massive mainstream success happening for black artists with similar sounding music?
It’s no secret that soul music is struggling. Record sales clearly aren’t what they were in the past. When it comes to blue-eyed soul though, that’s a different story.
Soul music is alive and well there.
Even though the black sound is a favored and popular sound, the black look on the other hand, gets disregarded.

The question we need to ask ourselves when complaining that there’s not enough color in mainstream soul music is, “who am I supporting?”
We often tend to not be anywhere around when black artists release their singles and albums…cough cough.
Artists like Jill Scott, and Jazmine Sullivan to name a few, are soul singers who don’t get nearly the same kind of credit.
If one of the mentioned artists did the “Hello” record do you think it would have garnered this much critical acclaim? Yea, didn’t think so.
When Tyrese released his album Black Rose, he shared his frustrations on not being able to get mainstream radio play like acts Sam Smith and Justin Timberlake would have.
Roommates, do you think we can take back the face of black music or are we bound to see more and more white artists dominate?
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