Just when this #Drake vs. #PushaTEA was getting good, @Hot97’s #EbroDarden spilled a little tea of his own! According to him, #KanyeWest was supposed to be featured on Drake’s #1 hit #NiceForWhat, but it looks like something got in the way! 👀

“I’m told when [Drake] left Wyoming or wherever, he started calling around looking for beats.” Ebro began. “He was callin’ people lookin’ for beats… Like yo, I need some records and people was like, in the producer world, like ‘You just left Kanye.'”

Ebro continued to say it’s possible that the two of them didn’t “accomplish what they set out to accomplish” during their session in Wyoming. 

Then that’s when Ebro revealed that Kanye West was supposedly on Drake’s hit single, “Nice For What.”

“Supposedly, Kanye was supposed to be on “Nice For What” or there’s a version of “Nice For What” with Kanye that we may never hear,” he said. 

Ummm we’re gonna need y’all to give up these receipts!! Roommates, would y’all have been here for another Drake and Kanye collab?


TSR STAFF: Talia O. @theclosetratchet on IG