UPDATE: Chris Brown's Probation Revoked, Could Be Facing Jail Time?

UPDATE: Chris Brown’s Probation Revoked, Could Be Facing Jail Time?


Ok now the judge is really trippin or so we thought.

Chris Brown went to court today and the Judge decided to revoke his probation in the Rihanna case. TMZ reported that it was because he was at multiple clubs that were shot up. Last year Chris Brown was at 1OAK when the club was shot up during VMAs weekend (when Suge Knight was shot) and it was a hot topic in the media. People blamed Chris Brown for the club being shot up even though he had no affiliation with the shooters.

In recent news, he was also present at Fiesta Nightclub in San Jose where five people were injured after gunshots were fired inside the club during his performance. He had no connection to this shooting either.

Well, according to Chris Brown’s Manager Mike, he actually had a pleasant day in court. He admits that Chris Brown’s probation was revoked but he said it had nothing to do with the shootings and everything to do with jurisdiction.

TMZ reported that Chris Brown violated his probation by failing to get permission from the Judge before he went to San Jose. These days you can’t trust TMZ when they run a story on Chris Brown. It seems they are truly out to get that young man.

His official hearing will be on March 20th.

If it’s true that Chris Brown violated his probation then he should know that his Judge is cray-cray so he should have followed all of the rules she set for him. His team should have made sure that he had permission to go to San Jose. If the Boss gets locked up it will affect all of their money. Somebody should be fired today.

We hope everything works out for him we really do. It seems like he can’t get a break. If it ain’t one thing it’s the next.

But before you go I need y’all to pay attention to something. The media drags Chris Brown through the mud for every single thing he does. I’m not saying that he didn’t mess up because he has. I’m saying that they are putting extras on it and portraying him as if he is the leader of the blood gang. Let them tell it, he runs an underground drug cartel too.

When the media paints you as a monster then trouble comes to you. Look at Lindsay Lohan and them. Look at what happened to Columbus Short. Negative energy attracts negativity.
Chris needs to start walking on egg shells until this 12 years-on-probation situation is over.

Source TMZ


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