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Ari Fletcher Asks For Prayers Due To Serious Health Issues (Video)

They say closed mouths don’t get fed, so there’s no problem asking for what you want or need. That’s exactly what Ari Fletcher did today. She showed a vulnerable side of herself when she opened up about a serious health issue she is facing. She took to Twitter to ask people to pray for her.

Ari tweeted, “I’m not okay at the moment. I have serious health issues going on right now. I’m in pain, and I’m down. I will be okay tho. Coming out strong like always! Pray for me, love y’all so much!” Today wasn’t the only day she spoke about her health. Yesterday she also tweeted that she was going through the worst pain and didn’t have any help. She concluded the tweet by stating that she needed a house nurse.


Fans seemed to question why she asked people on social media for prayers. If you recall, on several different occasions, Ari has called many people who share their opinions “broke.” One fan commented, “She needs prayers from the same people she calls broke 24/7? Ain’t that something.” Another commented, “Not our broke prayers.” Ari quickly took notice of the comment and stepped into The Shade Room to clap back.

Ari responded writing, “I don’t want your broke a** praying for me. I wasn’t talking to you stink.” The influencer and mother wasn’t done addressing the issue in our comments. She went back to her Twitter to clarify who she was requesting prayers from. “If I ever called you broke or called you a crate climbing a** b***h, I was not talking to you when I asked for prayer. I’m sick. That doesn’t mean my personality changed. Don’t get it confused, stupid,” said Ari.

We wish Ari a speedy recovery!

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