Ari Fletcher Asks Social Media To Stop Calling Her 'Ari Fletcher,' Requests That People Call Her 'Ari' Or 'Ari The Don'

Ari Fletcher Asks Social Media To Stop Calling Her ‘Ari Fletcher,’ Requests That People Call Her ‘Ari’ Or ‘Ari The Don’

Roomies, if it’s one thing we know, it’s that we are serious about our names. When it comes to Ari Fletcher, she is not here for you using her last name “Fletcher,” when referring to her.

On Thursday, the influencer had a message for those who call her by her government name. She took to Twitter and said, “Y’all…stop calling me Ari Fletcher. Just Ari or Ari The Don. Stop with the Fletcher. Please.”

As one would expect, people on social media had a few things to say about her request.

Someone tweeted, “Baby steps my girl they just stopped calling you ole boy babymama[.]” 

Ari responded, “Y’all don’t even know ole boy y’all just wanna call me somebody baby mama to have some salt to throw. Let’s be clear.”

Someone else stated, “Girl ain’t nobody about to call you The Don.”

Another person asked, “Ask Caresha how that worked out.”

Y’all think people should stop using “Fletcher,” when they say Ari’s name?

As you know, Yung Miami also requested that people stop calling her by her government name Caresha.

As previously reported, she tweeted, “I been feeling violated every time a b**ch see me in public they keep yelling “Caresha” STOP DOING THAT I DON’T LIKE THAT!”

Almost immediately, fans began to respond to her and let her know that the reason they have started to call her Caresha is due to her bestie Saucy Santana, who previously used her real name in a viral video where he says the now-popular phrase, “Caresha, please.”

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