Ari Lennox Claps Back At Snoop Dogg After He Comes For Her For Wearing A Wig

Ari Lennox Claps Back At Snoop Dogg After He Comes For Her For Wearing A Wig

Celebrities are proving they are just as bored as we are these days—and as a result they’re finding interesting ways to pass the time to get over this current corona hump. Ari Lennox decided to try her hand at installing a wig on Instagram to hilarious results, but Snoop Dogg thought he should comment on her choice and she politely gathered him together.

Ari Lennox was doing her best to provide some humor to her fans while on Instagram live by experimenting with a wig—which is why many were surprised to see Snoop bring down the mood with an unnecessary comment on the situation.

As Ari tried her best to get her install right, she said “So I guess I gotta cut more lace? Where am I supposed—WHERE AM I SUPPOSED TO GET A WIG CAP?”

The funny exchange quickly started to make the rounds on social media with everyone having a good laugh at her hair struggles—all except for Snoop. He decided to comment underneath her video with a comment no one asked for

Snoop wrote this in response to Ari, “Grow your own hair. What happened to those days?”

Many users slammed him for inserting himself into something that had nothing to do with him and for telling a woman what she should do with her hair.

Ari clapped back in the best way possible, when she posted an old photo of Snoop dressed as his white man alter ego “Todd” and wearing a blonde wig of his own. She captioned the photo with, “Uncle I just…I just thought we had an understanding…”

As of right now, Snoop hasn’t responded.


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