Whew! It looks like Forever 21 is forever in some ish lately! Ariana Grande is reportedly suing the brand over a look-a-like ad campaign. 

According to TMZ, Ari is suing Forever 21 for $10 million due to alleged trademark infringement for stealing her name and likeness to promote and sell their products hunty!

Forever 21 allegedly published at least 30 unauthorized images and videos misappropriating Ariana’s name and likeness, court documents claim.

Ariana was actually supposed to do a joint marketing campaign with Forever 21 but the deal didn’t fall through after the company wasn’t trying to pay her enough.

With that being said, Forever 21 is being accused of using an Ariana Grande look-a-like, along with lyrics from her song “7 rings” to create a perception that Ari was working with them.

Riley Rose, which is a sister company to Forever 21, was allegedly also involved in the infringement campaign.

Forever 21 might be heading in the direction to file for bankruptcy as we previously reported, so hopefully they’ll be able to pay up if the courts are in favor of Ariana!