Roommates, talk about being the bigger person! Just days after ASAP Rocky announced he will be going back to Sweden to perform, he’s doing one better and reportedly designing prison uniforms for the inmates in the Swedish jail where he was held for 6 months.

According to Forbes, Rocky is trying to put his best foot forward and give back to Sweden after his arrest. In his first public speaking event since being arrest, Rocky attended a live conference called Summit where he reportedly explained his upcoming fashion plans.

During the live interview, Rocky reflected on his time in the Swedish prison on assault charges, after engaging in a street fight with two men. He said this about the ordeal: “When I was going through my whole situation, the whole time I used to look on television and see Swedish fans showing me so much love and I want to give it back.”

Though Rocky is expected to go back to Sweden in December, it seems he’s not going back empty handed. In fact, the proceeds from his performance will reportedly go towards prison reformation, according to ASAP Rocky himself. Rocky designing clothes isn’t far-fetched given his love for fashion has always been a part of his brand. He said this about his upcoming plans to design the prison uniforms: “I’m trying to do what I can with what I can, I just want to keep creating and encouraging whoever is after me to do it better”.

It’s nice to see that Rocky is taking what he went through in Sweden and turning it into a positive situation after the fact.