Ashanti Shuts Down Dating Rumors After She Was Trending On Twitter

Ashanti Shuts Down Dating Rumors After She Was Trending On Twitter Following A Post She Made With A New Man

When it comes to minding others people’s business, Black Twitter is top tier in telling someone what is going on in their life, even though they may not have their facts straight. Last night Ashanti was trending on Twitter after sharing a photo with a man in Cancun, Mexico. Ashanti is notoriously on vacation. Although she shared photos with other people, Twitter zeroed in on her post with the mysterious man and immediately thought he was her new boo.

Although Ashanti never confirmed that the man she was pictured with was her boo, the conversation quickly became about the man’s race as he is a White man. Everyone and their mamas had something to say and gave their opinions. Surprisingly Black women applauded Ashanti and weren’t mad at the potential interracial couple. One tweeted, “Why people mad about Ashanti having a white guy as her boyfriend? Now, that’s what I call stupid.” Another commented, “Yall mad about Ashanti being with a white man… I’m mad that sis hasn’t missed one vacation since the panoramic.”

We knew it wouldn’t be too long before Ashanti cleared up the rumor and let fans know the real truth, but we didn’t know how she would do it. Today she stepped into The Shade Room and got everyone together for creating a false narrative. Ashanti commented under the post, “Lmaoooo NO! He’s one of the managers at the restaurant!!! He is NOT my man, and we are NOT DATING.”

Ashanti doesn’t play when it comes to setting the record straight on rumors. If you recall l just a few weeks ago, she shut down rumors that she is not romantically linked to Flo Rida after being spotted on vacation together. She stepped into The Shade Room at that time to let everyone know that Flo is just her good friend.

So for all the folks on the innanet, next time you see Ashanti post a man on her page, and she doesn’t say that’s her man, don’t jump to conclusions, or you’ll be out here looking “Foolish!”

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