Asian Doll And 'Fresh & Fit' Podcast Host Myron Gaines Exchange Additional Words Online

Asian Doll And ‘Fresh & Fit’ Podcast Host Myron Gaines Exchange Additional Words Online

Whew! Asian Doll’s name lived in the trending spot all Tuesday. First, a video surfaced that shows Asian exchanging heated words with ‘Fresh & Fit’ podcast host Myron Gaines. The interaction led to the artist exiting the recording room abruptly. Once the clip hit the ‘net, Twitter users immediately began discussing Myron’s treatment of Black, female guests. Following the viral rounds of the clip, both Myron and Asian Doll hopped on Instagram with their own messages about the moment.

Myron Speaks Out On Instagram 

“We live in a clown world where a man can no longer tell rude and disrespectful guests to leave his home and platform,” Myron wrote on IG Story.

He also explained that Asian Doll arrived to the interview late and “made an incorrect assumption.” Apparently, one of the women sitting near Asian in the video had been told several times to stop having side conversations. After Asian arrived, Myron addressed the woman once more, but this time Asian had a response.

“When I explained my reasoning she doubled down and said “you are a mean a** n***a” followed by “I don’t care” and I don’t give a f**k and “I can say what I want,” Myron recalled.”To all the simps talking smack, watch the entire podcast from last night before you make LOW IQ comments.”

Asian Doll Responds To Myron

Shortly after his post, Asian Doll responded with her own smoke for the podcast host. She denied calling him a “mean a** n***a” because he’s “not even Black.”

“Your mad because you thought you had a viral moment by being disrespectful to “black females” all the time & the internet just flipped the script on your wack a**,” Asian wrote. “You shouldn’t have even posted that clip it’s your OWN FAULT YOU GETTING DRAGGED.”

In her Instagram Story post, Asian also says Myron “lied” after she bounced from the show by saying he “don’t know who” she is. She responded saying, “…the world just showed you who tf I am.” At the end of her post, Asian tagged the host saying, “you a clown that hate Black woman.”


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Other Clip Shows Podcast Hosts Bashing Black Women 

And it seems like Twitter users felt Asian Doll’s sentiments. As the conversation about their exchange continued, users began digging out previous clips from the podcast. In one highly circulated clip, Myron Gaines and co-host Walter Weekes, also known as Fresh, spoke on their dating preferences, which excludes Black women.

“I mean hey bro if you wanna date a bunch of Shaniqua’s go for it man,” Myron said while discussing a Black-owned phone application.

“Laquisha,” Walter slipped in.

“Me and Fresh aren’t really down with the brown like that,” Myron said. “We ain’t night riders.”

At this point, Fresh is dropping ad-libs agreeing to Myron’s points such as “nah man” and “nah man I’m good” in response to dating Black women.

“Sometimes, you know if they’re like redbone, but in general me and Fresh don’t dabble in the dark if you know what I’m saying,” Myron added.


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Myron With Another Word

Things didn’t just end there. After Instagram removed his initial Instagram post, Myron followed up with another message.  He spoke on his podcast saying “this is why” it’s needed. Myron also claimed that he “can’t even tell the truth without getting reported” and gave a bullet point list addressing Asian.

“Here are the facts. She came late. She called me “mean.” I explained the context under which I was addressing this other girl (not Asian Doll). I had warned her multiple times prior to stop having side conversation as it hurts the quality of the show,” Myron wrote.

According to him, Asian Doll is who “continued to argue and used expletives when it was obvious she was incorrect.” Not only that, Myron says Asian’s talks of “defending women” seems more like “defending [her] own ego.”

“This is how mainstream media tries to paint a false narrative.” Anyone that watches THE WHOLE PODCAST will see the blatant disrespect….TAKE NOTES GENTLEMEN,” Myron wrote.


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