Asian Doll And King Von’s Manager Argue About Von’s Last Words--Asian Doll Said She Spoke To Von In The Afterlife

Asian Doll And King Von’s Manager Argue About Von’s Last Words–Asian Doll Said She Spoke To Von In The Afterlife

While everyone mourns differently, it sounds like there’s some tension surrounding those who were closest to King Von in the wake of his passing. Asian Doll, who dated the Chicago rapper on-and-off and was one of his most recent exes, has been publicly grieving since Friday. 

But her grieving may have struck a nerve with King Von’s manager, who was actually with him when he was shot and killed in Atlanta early Friday morning.

Asian Doll fired off a bunch of tweets suggesting she had been speaking to Von in the afterlife and that she knew his last words.

She tweeted, “Von last words was ‘y’all let them n****s get up on me….stop crying y’all let them get me.’”

Asian added, “Y’all left my boy when he was unarmed & he would’ve hawked mfs down for them & spent AGAIN AGAIN & AGAIN s**t crazy I knew my boy HEART & LOYALTY wasn’t deserved he’s okay tho.”

“If they ain’t get shot or die with Von they ain’t help him…aye boss top go collect them o’bloc chains ASAP.”

King Von’s manager revealed he wasn’t OK with Asian Doll insinuating that he and others left Von for dead. During an interview with DJ Akademiks, Von’s manager said he texted Asian Doll to let her know she needs to pump the brakes speaking on Von’s last moments because she wasn’t there. 

He also revealed that through text, Asian Doll told him she was talking to Von through a “spiritual advisor.”

“So you talking to the dead now, Asian Doll,” Von’s manager said with some sarcasm and skepticism.

Asian responded with a profanity-laced rant on her IG Live. You can watch below:

Asian Doll then deactivated her account.


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Despite the drama, we truly hope all those involved keep the peace for the sake of King Von.



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