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Astroworld Cops Reportedly Seen Filming Nearly 20 Minutes After Event Was Labeled “Mass Casualty” (Update)

As more developments are made known about the #AstroworldFest that has now claimed nine lives, it is now alleged that cops were seen filming the concert after the event was declared a “mass casualty.”

According to TMZ, A “mass casualty” was called by the Police Chief Troy Finner at 9:38pm. But authorities are seen recording with their “cellphones at 9:57 PM … 19 minutes later.” TMZ also reports that the video ” was shot at 10:02 PM, a full 25 minutes after the situation was declared a “mass casualty.”

Though it was labeled a “mass casualty”, it appears that cops are “oblivious” as to what is happening in the crowd, while Travis Scott is performing.

According to Billboard reports, almost 50 lawsuits have been filed against Travis Scott and various other organizers involved with Astroworld, including Live Nation and Score More. The bulk of the lawsuits have been officially filed in Harris County District Court and have continue to flood in at rapid speed mere hours after the tragedy occurred.

Additionally, multiple legal experts have stated that due to the magnitude of the tragedy, the number of lives lost and the severe injuries that have caused permanent damage—hundreds of lawsuits are likely to be filed throughout the next several years with costs totaling in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Negligence is stated as the leading cause of most of the lawsuits, however there are also others who are expected to also add wrongful death to their legal claims.

As previously reported, there were about 50,000 people that were present at the festival on Friday, and there were eight confirmed deaths, with many others injured following a crowd surge.

We’ll continue to keep those affected lifted in prayer and we’ll continue to update you as this story develops.


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