"Atlanta Exes" - The Highlights From Episode 103

“Atlanta Exes” – The Highlights From Episode 103



(photo cred: FreddyO – From left to right –  Sheree, Torrei, Tameka, Monyetta, Christina)

We love “Atlanta Exes” on Vh1 y’all! This show is good and we will definitely stay tuned in for the entire season. Here’s our “straight to the point” recap!

1) Sheree’s best friend Monica (who is also mutual friends with Tameka Raymond) revealed to Sheree that Tameka had been bad mouthing all of the ladies behind their back. Monica says that Tameka implied that Sheree was a bad mother and said that Torrei Hart didn’t spend enough time with her kids. Then she dropped a bomb! Monica told Sheree that Tameka questioned if she had slept with Usher. That’s when Sheree explained that her ex- husband Ray had the same trainer as Usher but they were strictly friends. Nothing more! Y’all know that Sheree was riled up and wanted to confront Tameka….that heffa is always running her mouth!

2) We love this little union between Christina Johnson and her boo Willie. They just met (they are still together after the taping of the show) and they seem to have a good friendship going on. They went on a date to an art workshop and discussed the future of their relationship. Willie said that he preferred to take things day by day but would like to see it go far, and Christina revealed that she can’t have children due to past surgeries. Willie’s fine ass said it wasn’t a deal breaker. We are so jealous! He seems like a good man!

3) Christina convinced Tameka Raymond to have a sit down with the girls and discuss her chatter box mouth and the ish that comes out of it. Also, Christina and Monyetta had a very emotional conversation during their workout. Monyetta revealed that when she was with her ex-fiance, Ne-yo, she agreed to get surgery that would stop her from having kids. It was a family decision, and now they are no longer together! When Monyetta said that I truly wanted to cry! I would have burned everything that Ne-yo owned after that because this will be an issue when she’s ready to date again!

4) The girls got together for drinks (Christina, Monyetta, Sheree, Tameka Raymond, and Torrei Hart) and almost immediately things popped off. Tameka addressed the scene that happened at her Tea Market and Torrei placed the blame on Tameka’s attitude. Christina quickly jumped in the argument and said that Tameka only had two friends and she is clearly the problem! Christina addressed Tameka about what Monica told her and assured her that she did not sleep with Usher. Then Tameka’s ass blurted out the fact that Christina hooked Willie (Christina’s new boo) up with another one of her friends and they had a one-night-stand. Ouch. It’s really not that bad but it’s not a good look! Then Tameka mentioned that Torrei Hart was familiar with being around rats and at that point the convo went LEFT.

Torrei called Tameka out for going to jail for theft and Tameka said that Torrei had a terrible little apartment. Whew! Torrei said Tameka’s house was rented and then told Tameka to, “Lay in the coffin. Kill yourself.” This statement was very hard to hear, especially since Tameka opened up about wanting to commit suicide after her son’s death. Tameka then said that Torrei’s hair looked like ramen noodles, and Torrei clapped back with, “look at you with your sunken eyes. Looking like a dead woman walking.” Then they began to talk about each other’s marriages and somehow Torrei brought up the fact that Tameka lost her kids. You already know that Tameka was ready to whoop ass in that piece after that. Now, although we can’t stand Tameka’s character so far, we all know that Torrei was out of line with her comments. We love Torrei and Tameka definitely deserved a tongue lashing, but some things are simply off limits.

That episode was REAL DEEP!





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