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Atlanta Raises $50 Million To Provide Housing For The Homeless

The city of Atlanta is set to make some big and inspiring changes as it relates to the city’s homeless population. With almost 5 million residents living in the city limits and population steady growing, that unfortunately means that the rate of homelessness is also rising—but with the massive amount Atlanta just raised the homeless are one step closer to finding a home.

There are approximately 3,217 people in the city of Atlanta who are sadly homeless, which inspired current mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms to do something about it. As reported by Blavity, Atlanta recently raised a jaw-dropping $50 million to provide housing for homeless residents—which translates to around 550 homes.

The city entered into a partnership with the United Way of Greater Atlanta to raise the money and the results have surprised many. Around $25 million of the amount raised was in the form of donations from private organizations, such as Ameris Bank. The company donated the final $114,000 that Atlanta needed to reach its fundraising goal. The other $25 million came from the Homeless Opportunity Bond sale that initially began under former Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed.

Jack Hardin, Co-Chair of the Atlanta Regional Commission on Homelessness, explained the misconception many have regarding homelessness:

“It is a misperception that many people have — that homelessness is represented entirely by the people they see on the streets. A far larger proportion of people experiencing homelessness have incomes and function at very high levels, but live on the margins of the economics of our society and any hardship can derail.”

Former Mayor Reed previously stated his intention to end the city’s homelessness, saying:

“We now have the opportunity to end chronic homelessness in our city, and ensure that all women, men and children – regardless of circumstance – have the chance to live stable, meaningful lives and participate fully in their communities.”

This is great for Atlanta and we hope that other major cities also follow suit to ensure that the homeless have a permanent home.


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