Boyfriend Of Influencer Austa Confesses To Stabbing Her Via IG

Boyfriend Of Deceased Influencer Austa Seemingly Confesses On Instagram That He ‘Mistakenly Stabbed’ Her

As Nigerian police reportedly investigate the death of influencer Augusta Osedion, known as Austa, an alleged confession made its way onto Instagram. Austa’s former boyfriend, Benjamin Best, nicknamed Killaboi, seemingly admitted to “mistakenly” stabbing her during an argument.

The supposed confession came in a series of written texts on his Instagram Story (@killaboigram). At this time, we can’t confirm whether the 26-year-old socialite wrote the posts, but keep reading to see what the copy said.

It’s also worth noting that Killaboi’s Instagram page was private at first, then later removed on July 18.

“I got into an argument with my girlfriend @austa_xxo which fight I mistakenly stabbed her and ran away out of fear and been suicidal since then,” one post read. “I want intend to end my life now cause I have lost the one [I] cherish so much. I wanted to do the right thing nad turn myself in…I will gladly die by paying with my life now.”

Details of Austa’s death are scarce and largely unconfirmed, including the date of her passing. However, Africa-based outlets like Ghana Web and Naija News claim the alleged murder took place last week. One of Killaboi’s Instagram posts claimed they argued on July 11 and tried to reconcile on July 12.

“We had issues on the 11th of July, and we were supposed to meet on the 12th to resolve things, that was the biggest mistake. On resolving things, it lead into more argument and fight,” it read.

Her body was reportedly discovered at Killaboi’s residence in Lagos–prompting a police investigation. At this time, there are no reports citing a warrant for Killaboi, charges, or any arrests. Some outlets have claimed authorities discovered Austa with mutilated breasts, vagina, and missing eyeballs. Though this remains publicly unconfirmed by local authorities, one of Killaboi’s posts seemingly denied any dismemberment.

“Whoever is saying all this ritual stuff and body parts have mercy for I have already agree to give myself in and face the law. This narrative is not helping me at all, it read.”

Another post read:

“She know what I do and knows I’m clean, I make legit money and there’s nothing wrong that we feel in love with each other. We been together for over 2years now and there’s no way I’m killing my beloved for rituals.”

Lagos State Police Command and Nigeria Police have not addressed the alleged killing on their official Twitter accounts.

Boyfriend Of Austa Asks Online Users Not To “Shame” His Deceased Girlfriend

Killaboi’s alleged confession largely highlighted his “guilt” and desire to take accountability. At one point, he claimed he had failed himself, his mom, and his family. He said that he “can’t leave with this guilty,” adding that he’s “going crazy.”

“I should have left this toxic relationship but I didn’t. Oh lord forgive me for my sins, I wish I can go back in time and undo this but it has happened. I’m not a bad person, I’m not an evil person, I’m not a criminal. I didn’t commit murder, nothing was intended. Oh Lord I don’t know how this happened but I want to live my remaining day on Earth now knowing I do the right thing and take accountability. I will say nothing but the truth and come out clean and hope God grant me eternal peace and accept me,” one post read.

In another post, Killaboi allegedly pleaded with the public not to shame his “love.”

“Stop shaming Augusta my love pls stop shaming her she was a good a good person and I was too. Our only problem was toxicity relationship and different perspective to things.”

That post ended with:

“Your all shaming her I’m dying, I’m dying. Stop shaming her she did nothing wrong.”


What We Know About Deceased Influencer Austa And Her Boyfriend Who Allegedly Confessed

The last time Austa posted on her Instagram feed–several photos of her wearing a patterned two-piece outfit, was on July 9. Her profile bio lists her location as Lagos and lists her profile highlights as “beauty, fashion, lifestyle.” Austa also has booking information in her bio, along with over 122,000 followers.

As for Killaboi–the details are hardly there–but his now-private profile bio describes him as a “blockchain developer” and “crypto purveyor.” With over 84,000 followers, he’s also known as Killaverse. A quote in his bio reads, “God is my biggest asset.”

According to Ghana Web, Killaboi has run into legal troubles before, including a 2021 arrest for fraud. The country’s Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) arrested him for allegedly using a stolen card to make a N150 million transaction, which converts to about $193,000.

This is a developing story.


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