Listen, Ayesha Curry has had IT with y’all! Though she’s known for keeping her cool and keeping it cute, she’s lost a little chill after her comments on Jada Pinkett-Smith’s Facebook show, Red Table Talk went viral.

In the clip, Ayesha basically said that she can feel insecure at times because she doesn’t get a lot of male attention outside of her husband Stephen.

CLICK HERE for the tea!

That sparked a HUGEEEEEE online debate on whether she was just being thirsty for attention or if she was just speaking in the name of transparency.

After her comments spread like wild fire, Ayesha has addressed it herself in an Instagram post, see below to read what she said:

Her hubby, Steph, being the stand up guy that he is, publicly defended his wife. He also posted a message in support of his oversharing Queen:

But even with all this love and support, Ayesha’s been spicy on the ‘gram lately! And clapping back at people who have ANYTHING to say to her about her comments.

The first person she had to collect was someone coming for her about a photo she captioned for Mother’s Day, saying she seeks attention. See her clap back below:

The next victim, is someone that told her to stay in the kitchen. Ayesha came back with the clap back and the flex at the same time!

See, that’s what happens when you’re speaking outside of your tax bracket! TUH! But anyway, Ayesha has had ENOUGH! She’s been clapping back a lot more as of late in her own Ayesha way of course, but clearly sis will be speaking her mind despite what anyone thinks about it. Ayesha maintains that she was simply speaking her truth when she sat with her good sis Jada. She also addressed how she feels about Steph’s groupies.