Baby Formula Shortages Continue To Happen Across The Country Due To Impact Of The Global Pandemic

Baby Formula Shortages Continue To Happen Across The Country Due To Impact Of The Global Pandemic

As the pandemic continues, it is now having an effect on baby formula. According to reports, there is a severe shortage of products, and parents are having a hard time finding formula for their babies.

According to US News, some states are seeing more of a shortage than others. Texas has a 53% shortage in  baby formula products and Tennessee is at 54%. It’s also reported that at least 26 states were experiencing a shortage by nearly 50%.

A CVS Health spokesperson stated:

Product supply challenges are currently impacting most of the retail industry.

The spokesperson also stated that they are working with “national brand baby formula vendors to address this issue and we regret any inconvenience that our customers may be experiencing.”

US News also reports that nearly three-fourths of infants receive formula. The lack of resources is being attributed to a shortage in November 2021 and a recall. 

Amy Lindholm, Public Health Nutritionist with the Benton-Franklin Health District in Washington said:

There was an initial shortage in November that was compounding when there was a formula recall by one of the very large manufacturing plants.

There was also another recall of powdered infant formula by the FDA in February of 2022.

Some retailers are limiting the number of products people can buy. Walgreens stated it “limits customers to three infant and toddler formula products during each transaction,” which is the same number reported by CVS. Target allows customers to buy four products, CBS reports.

As of now, parents are urged to not make their own formula as it could cause medical problems for kids.

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