Baby Survives Drinking Vodka-Tainted Formula

Baby Survives Drinking Vodka-Tainted Formula

A family in Kenosha, WI can breathe a sigh of relief as their 6 week old baby has survived an accidental  alcohol poisoning on Monday. 

Basically, the baby’s mother had set aside a container of water intended to mix with the baby’s formula, but then she left the room. 

According to The Post, Kenosha Police spokesman, Bradley Hetlet said “the girl’s father entered the kitchen, emptied the container and filled it with vodka, intending to take the water bottle to a friend’s home.” 

After the mother unknowingly mixed the almost two ounces of alcohol with her formula and fed her daughter, both she and her husband noticed that something was wrong. Hetlet said that the mother told police that the baby was “acting abnormally”. 

This led to both parents arguing, each one not knowing if the other was trying to purposely hurt the child. There was a huge altercation in which the father strangled his girlfriend so he’s been arrested and is being charged with suffocation and estrangulation alongside a $1500 bond. 

It turns out that the baby had a blood alcohol level of 0.294, more than three times the legal drinking limit of an adult, as told by The NY Post. 

Luckily the baby girl is doing just fine and is expected to be released from the hospital on Wednesday! The whole situation was ruled as an accident. 


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