‘Bachelor’ Matt James Says It’s ‘Frustrating’ That Fans Of The Show Assume His Winner Is White

‘Bachelor’ Matt James Says It’s ‘Frustrating’ That Fans Of The Show Assume His Winner Is White

So, we have our first ever Black “Bachelor” in the hit series’ entire franchise and fans already have an idea about how his season is gonna all go down. We’re only two episodes in, and fans speculate Bachelor Matt James, based on the few appearances he’s made and an interview he had with host Chris Harrison after the premiere, that the woman he chooses to be his bride will be white.

Well apparently, Matt James is highly aware of what people are saying about him and he’s not too happy. In a new interview with the “Bachelor Happy Hour” podcast, Matt, in response to a question from “Bachelorette” Rachel Lindsay, said it was “low-key frustrating” that the race of the contestants is even a talking point.

“First off, people should, regardless of what they look like, want you to be happy with whoever you’re with,” he said. “And if you knew anything about me, if you were close to me, you would know that the last women that I dated were all Black women.”

Matt then went ahead and broke down the racial makeup of the contestants this season, noting that there’s a mix of white, Black, and Asian women, all of whom he says he has “dated across the board” in the past. 

“When you’re dating somebody, if you’re excluding a race, then I don’t even know where to begin on that. What I’m looking for in a woman isn’t race specific,” James continued. “What I’m looking for may upset somebody. What I’m looking for isn’t a race. I don’t only exclusively date Black women. I don’t only exclusively date white women. I’ve dated all across the board, and I’ve found redeeming qualities in everybody, which is a blessing, and that’s why it’s so difficult for me throughout this season.”

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