The Baltimore Police Department has been getting side eyes all around town for their inappropriate and quite shocking behavior! The department is currently in court dealing with one of the craziest scandals that our country has seen, leaving many wondering who can you really trust out here?

According to the Baltimore Sun, these officers have been off the chain. They robbed a drug dealer of $6,500 at a routine traffic stop and then went to his house, without a warrant, and took an additional $100,000 out of his safe!

Apparently, Sgt. Wayne Jenkins would ask suspected dealers, “If you could put together a crew of guys and rob the biggest drug dealer in town, who would it be?”

Officer Jenkins also assumed that young men carrying backpacks were selling drugs and people who drove Honda Accords with tinted windows

If that wasn’t bad, just wait until you read about how they were out here plotting on regular citizens! The Maurice Ward had a method of driving fast at large groups of people, and then would slam on the brakes and chase whoever ran.

The craziest one of them all was another revelation that the supervisor of the unit told officers to carry a fake toy gun in case they ever ended up in a situation where they needed to plant one. When law enforcement officials arrested one of the officers, Marcus Taylor, they couldn’t come to terms about why he had a fake gun in his glove compartment.

Surprisingly, six out of the eight officers indicted have agreed to cooperate with federal law enforcement agents and are testifying in open court, according to The Root.

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