#Roommates, this is the type of story we love to hear! A student in Baltimore is making headlines after getting accepted into all eight Ivy League colleges!

According to NBC, when Mekhi Johnson was 6 years old, he heard a radio story about a student who was accepted into all eight of the Ivy League schools. He told his mother, “I’m going to do that one day”, and that’s exactly what he did!

The senior at Gilman School got into every Ivy League school and the University of Chicago.

More than 280,000 applications were sent to Ivy League schools last year, Gilman said, and less that five applicants achieved the distinction of being accepted by all eight schools. What’s even more amazing about this is that Mekhi is the first student at Gilman to achieve this amazing goal.

“I just feel extraordinary,” he said.

Mekhi learned about the exciting news at the local Red Lobster. He pulled out his phone and began checking his status at each of the eight schools he applied to. When he found out he got into Harvard, his mom lost it.

“As soon as I saw I got into Harvard, my mom started screaming,” he said. “She started yelling, ‘My son just got into Harvard,’ and everyone started clapping.”

Mekhi has yet to make a decision but plans to do so real soon. Congrats!