Social Media Reacts To Bambi & Scrappy's Divorce Parties

Social Media Reacts To Footage Of Bambi & Scrappy’s Divorce Celebrations: ‘This Ain’t Nothing But Some Tit For Tat Mess’

Social media users are sharing mixed reactions after videos surfaced of Bambi’s recent divorce celebration. As The Shade Room previously reported, Bambi spoke out about her marriage to Scrappy in February, explaining that they were “not separated.” However, matters have seemed to change since then.

Additionally, footage of Bambi’s divorce celebration arrives about a week after Scrappy held his own celebration earlier this week.

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Bambi’s “Sovereign” Divorce Celebration

On Wednesday evening, an Instagram user took to the platform to share a video of Bambi arriving at her “sovereign” celebration. The footage showed Bambi entering a venue with her hand in the air as she bounced to the ongoing music, Sexxy Red’s “Pound Town.”

Additionally, Bambi was greeted by a roll of people, including bartenders holding liquor bottles in the air.

The reality star rocked a glistening black, strapless midi dress and donned her hair in a blonde ponytail.

In a separate video, Bambi took the mic to share a speech with her guests.

“Okay, well, while I got the microphone, let me just say something to everybody in the party. I want to say shout out to my family… Listen, I got my whole motherf*****g family over here, and we’re celebrating what?” Bambi asked the crowd.

Bambi went on to say that they’re “having a little private divorce party.”

“But it’s still lit over here…”

On Thursday, Bambi took to Instagram to share a photo of her that evening. Additionally, she shared a brief message seemingly referring to her friends’ social media posts about the prior evening.

Next time I go outside ima tell my friends … “please don’t post anything” 😂 cuz honey …. ✋🏾

Click here to see the photo.

Social Media Reacts

Social media users quickly entered The Shade Room’s comment section to share mixed reactions regarding Bambi’s celebration.

Some users shared disagreed with the stance of celebrating a divorce.

“She’s “celebrating” but inside she’s hurtin.”
“I never understood the hype to celebrate a divorce. Like sis you was just low key devastated”
While user @ldjx_ chimed in.
“The fact we celebrating failed marriages is pretty sad…”
However, others seemed to defend the decision.
Instagram user, @porshajay, wrote.
“I don’t think she’s just celebrating the divorce y’all… I think she’s celebrating her new found freedom and new beginnings. Not sure what else yall want her to do if she tried to save her marriage & it didn’t work out. Things like this can be healing for ppl so I’m not judging.”
While @auntie.loren added.
“That lady celebrating not having to deal with mama Dee ass anymore 😭”
Others labeled the debacle the “battle of the divorce parties,” while contrasting Bamibi’s recent celebration to Scrappy’s.
_kayygotti wrote.
“The battle of the divorce parties”
While @leleluv_ added.
“She really sad & her party dead. She just did it cause he did 🤦🏽‍♀️”
“🤣🤣🌚 idk this look real sad compared to scrap party .. ion think she really wanted to leave him .. 💀”
One Instagram user, @thelovelee_rn, even said that Bambi should have let Scrappy partake in the celebration alone.
“She’s still hurt because this ain’t nothing but some tit for tat mess. Let him be miserable & act a fool by himself sis”

Scrappy’s Divorce Celebration From Earlier In The Week

Earlier this week, footage surfaced of Scrappy’s divorce celebration, as shared by The Shade Room. In one video, the rapper was seen in what looked to be a club with a sign being held up next to him.

“To Scrappy… TCE We Outside,” the sign read.

At the time, additional footage showed Scrappy enjoying a cigar, taking photos with Momma Dee, and even having a cake brought out for the occasion.

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At the time, social media users also did not hold back their reactions. Many echoed similar sentiments as those in response to footage of Bambi’s party.

Instagram user, @tehjabreon, wrote.
“To really have a divorce party is LAME ASF to me. I would never stand before God and all my friends and family, promise a lifetime of commitment, then host a party to celebrate the failure of it…”
While @chroniclesofdaddy added.
“Maybe it’s just me but celebrating a failure just seems wrong. No matter what divorce is a failure and while some divorce is necessary it’s still a failure”
However, @whitegurlthetruth seemed to defend Scrappy’s decision.
“Let that man celebrate his freedom. Y’all don’t know his side, he never bashed her it was always her bashing him. I’m here for it, congratulations Scrappy! Everyone deserves to be happy.”
Meanwhile, Instagram user, @tennessee_girl34, chalked the entire situation up with their sentiment.
“Bambi and Scrappy are being petty. Grow up.”
Roomies, what are your thoughts regarding Bambi and Scrappy’s divorce parties?


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