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Bankroll Freddie Responds To Critics After Sharing He Didn’t Drink Water For 27 Years

Health is wealth! There are so many different benefits of drinking water. According to Healthline, not only does water keep you hydrated, but it helps maximize physical performance, helps with energy levels, and brain function, and even more. Although several people drink water, rapper Bankroll Freddie revealed that he use to not be one of them. On Sunday, he shared that after 27 years, he recently started drinking water.


The Quality Control Records artist announced on his Instagram story writing, “Can’t believe it took me 27 years to start drinking water. I used to hate water for real. I couldn’t drink it for anything in this world… It actually makes me feel better for real.” Several people took this revelation as a shocker. Over 19,000 Roommates called out Freddie, saying that it was nasty not to drink water and that his urine was probably acidic. One commented, “How many PH balances he knocked off?”



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Freddie had time to respond to the backlash and shared a series of videos on his story addressing critics. While drinking a bottle of Essentia water, which he raved was his favorite, he showed off his clear skin and  questioned, “How a ni**a don’t drink any water face this clear?” Freddie continued explaining, “I ain’t tripping about that post, I’m being dead a**. I don’t drink water for real,” he shared that he wasn’t capping and started drinking water about a week ago.


He also addressed the folks who shared their opinion about his urine being strong. The rapper shared that he’s never had an STD and said that none of his five mothers of his children had a disease. In addition, Freddie he shared that he never had bad hygiene. Roommates, drop a comment and let us know your thoughts on this subject!

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